Angkor Zipline

A World Class Zipline Eco-Adventure Tour at a World Heritage Site – Angkor Archeological Park !

Nestled in the rain forest, not far from the majestic temples of Angkor, prepare to soar on ziplines, traverse suspended sky bridges, abseil from towering trees, be amazed by the majesty and magic of the rain forest, and fly like never before.
Angkor Zipline has built its famous zipline courses in the most remote and beautiful real rain forest locations in Thailand…until now ! Angkor, 30 minutes from Siem Reap, Cambodia is home to the 7th Wonder of the World, Angkor Wat and dozens of other ancient ruins, temples and compelling religious historical artifacts spanning centuries of Hindu and Buddhist influence.

Our team of experts, with over 20 years of experience, have constructed a thrilling and safe Eco-adventure incorporating the jungle’s natural features while protecting its towering trees, exotic flowers, fauna and native wildlife. We build Eco-adventures unmatched in the world and our invitation to open one in Angkor reaffirms our position as the leading Zipline Eco-Adventure Canopy Tour operator in Asia.

World Class Course Features

– Safe and experienced construction, from the world leader in this field..
– 21 platforms high in the treetops.
– 10 thrilling ziplines.
– 4 sky bridges spanning hundreds of meters.
– Spiral staircases circling trees.
– A 50 ft. abseil finish.
– The longest single zipline in Cambodia.
– 6 hectares teaming with exotic wildlife.
– Re-introduction of wild-gibbons.
– State of the Art Safety Equipment from France..

More Reasons to Book Now !

– Includes Cambodian lunch, water and snacks.
– Free air-conditioned van from your hotel R/T to the Park.
– Zero impact electric carts transport guests to course.

Rates until October 31st, 2018: 99USD per person.

Above price includes

– Canopy adventure tour.
– Round trip Transportation (Within Siem Reap city).
– Traditional Khmer lunch or dinner set menu.
– Nature trail walk.


– Angkor pass is not required for Angkor Zipline customers when using transportation provided by Angkor Zipline only. Other transportations will require  a valid pass to Angkor Archeological Park per APSARA Authority. Please note that temple visitation is prohibited. If customers would like to visit temple, they have to arrange own transportation with valid park pass.

Physical requirements

– Program is not suitable for children below 5 years of age or 100 cm in height and weight 16kg up.
– Maximum weight is 125Kg, generally athletic persons whom are large are accepted.
– Sandals are not allowed due to safety regulations.

Extra charge

– Escort guides/parents who do not do the canopy adventure tour, but accompany the guests/customers in the minivan will be charged USD15.00 net per person. This price includes lunch and transfers. (Clients will have their own Angkor Park pass).


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