Cambodia Mekong River Cruises and Discovery tours

Siem Reap International Travel is associated with CF Mekong and Heritage Line companies to offer authentic Mekong River Cruises: 4 days of discovery between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, cradle of the fantastic temple of Angkor Wat, one of the many monuments classified UNESCO’s World Heritage. We also offer cruises between Phnom Penh and Saigon in 4 days along the legendary Mekon river, and longer cruises in 8 days, between Siem Reap and Saigon. There is no better way to uncover the mysteries of Asia than a river cruise on its main artery, the magnificent Mekong river.

Toum Tiou 1 is the only ship which can sail from the Siem Reap pier to Saigon’s harbor. Toum Tiou’s low draft allows it access to the remotest of villages and to gently hug the river line, affording passengers priceless views of people, flora and fauna – hardly touched by modernity. Toum Tiou was custom built for passenger privacy, intimacy, comfort and safety.

Jayavarman: Inspired by the serenity and artistry associated with this great Khmer monarch, Jayavarman’s design was also influenced by the French cruise liner Normandie, which launched in 1935. Travelling the Mekong between My Tho [the commercial port near Ho Chi Minh City] and Siem Reap, Cambodia, Jayavarman marries the art deco charm of 1930’s France with the romance of Indochina. Measuring 57.8 meters/190 feet from bow to stern, Jayavarman holds 27 elegantly decorated cabins.

Jahan: Plying the slow, swirling waters of the Mekong, The Jahan is Heritage Line’s most romantic cruise liner. Considered the brother of The Jayavarman in Heritage Line’s “family” of cruise ships, this magnificent vessel was named after the Indian emperor Shah Jahan, who ruled the Mughal Empire from 1628 to 1658. This cultured monarch is a fitting namesake for The Jahan, which evokes the opulent vessels of British India. No expense has been spared in the interior or exterior decorations, which showcase the talents of local woodworkers, weavers and artists.