Tour Operator Travel Agency in Cambodia

The first Western travel agency based in Siem Reap in 1996.
23 YEARS of experience in the country of the Khmer kings.

Discover Cambodia, Angkor Wat and all the Khmer treasures with Siem Reap International Travel, the first Western travel agency based in Siem Reap in 1996 (we officially started operations in October 1996). We always offer and operate high quality services in Cambodia.

Cambodia is an amazing country that make a lot of travelers change their minds. The warm welcome and natural kindness of its inhabitants have changed bad opinions of many people. The country is open and all travelers are welcome. This is the context in which Siem Reap International Travel evolves. We have seen the development of the present-day Cambodia and we can certify that calm and peace are permanently settled. Welcome home.

A team of qualified and passionate people

Siem Reap International Travel is the result of the passion of two Europeans who came to seek recognition in this region of South-East Asia, which was then little open to the outside world.

When we arrived in Cambodia in 1996 and came to settle in Angkor, it was risky and audacious in many ways. The country was just bloodless and the infrastructure was non-existent, and many areas in the country were populated by Khmer Rouge. Henceforth, all these periods of doubt, anxiety and uncertainty are now far behind us.
More than twenty years later (we officially started operations in October 1996), it is believed that our stubbornness paid off as Siem Reap International Travel went through these decades and overcame difficulties with ease and stubbornness.

Today, our objective is always the same: to make you discover and love Cambodia with those who spend their daily lives here.

Have a wonderful trip.