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Discover Cambodia Angkor Wat and all the Khmer treasures with Siem Reap International Travel, the first Western travel agency based in Siem Reap in 1996. We always offer and operate high quality services in Cambodia.

Cambodia is an amazing country that make a lot of travelers change their minds. The warm welcome and natural kindness of its inhabitants have changed bad opinions of many people. The country is open and all travelers are welcome. This is the context in which Siem Reap International Travel evolves. We have seen the development of the present-day Cambodia and we can certify that calm and peace are permanently settled. Welcome all.

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Discover the magic of Asia with our best tours in Cambodia. Imperishable memories await you in this country with magnificent landscapes and great cultural richness, cradle of the famous archaeological site of Angkor registered in the UNESCO Patrimony of the Humanity. Quality of the welcome and friendliness of the inhabitants make Cambodia an exceptional destination. Siem Reap International Travel, the first Western tourism agency based in Cambodia Angkor, has more than 22 years’ experience in organizing tourist stays in the Land of Khmer Kings. Give us your trip to make it unforgettable!

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Crazy about culture, looking for adrenaline, crazy lovers of wild nature, or just want to rest and relax? Choose from our tour options the one that suits you. Whether trekking in mountains or visiting the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia, our guides will accompany you and fulfil your expectations. You are original, independent and creative and you have not found THE tour that suits you? Fill in our online form, completing your interests, habits and desires as a traveler, we will create your customized trip. Cambodia Angkor, offers great opportunities.

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